ICSC is committed to a safe work environment and has the Atspec franchise for the South Canterbury region

Safety Testing

The Atspec franchise brings to ICSC the best tools for In-Service Safety Inspection, Testing and Record Keeping of electrical appliances and RCDs (Residual Current Devices)

Worksafe NZ and the Electricity act both identify the requirement to take all practical steps to maintain electrical appliances so that they are safe for use. Electrical appliances have the earth conductor and/or the insulation as safety factors to prevent electrical shock. The integrity of both these safety factors cannot be proven without performing electrical tests.

All testing is carried out to AS/NZS3760: 2003 (The standard for In-Service Safety Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment). Our test technicians are competent in all aspects of the standard and the test equipment we use. We use a Portable Appliance Tester or commonly referred to as a PAT to record details of your appliances and carry out the test.

Test results are uploaded into an online data base where clients can log on and view the health status of their equipment.

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<h3>Further information about Atspec</h3>

<p>Click to find out more about Atspec and what they offer as a company</p>

Further information about Atspec

Click to find out more about Atspec and what they offer as a company

Specialists in industrial electrical & automation systems.

A growing company with a strong commitment to customer service and technical excellence.

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