Industrial controls has a team of software engineers to carry out software development

Software Development

Software development has become an important component for many industrial plants, providing managers and operators with meaningful information derived from the enormous amounts of data now available.
Proven modern Microsoft development tools are used to create reliable easy to maintain applications which are deployed on to the automation servers on site.
The types of software applications range from public websites to background programs, but all work with real time data in one way or another.

Below is a sample of features that can be provided:

  • Intranet website providing:
    • Royalty free access to plant status for engineers and management.
    • Compliance reporting to government regulations.
    • Performance (KPI) reporting.
    • Daily usages and application rates.
    • Ordering and Production interfaces.
    • Power consumption summaries.
    • Plant Status.
    • Simple HMI pages.
  • Mobile website for smart phones providing:
    • Simple HMI pages.
    • Alarm acknowledgement.
    • Report overviews.
  • Specialised programs to:
    • Retrieve internet data.
    • Process compliance data.
    • Calculate and transfer operational data.
    • Monitor the health of network devices.
    • Provide Email and TXT notifications.


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