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Location Oamaru
Project Turnkey PLC and HMI programming for a 10MW boiler
Client Easteel Industries
Project: Undertake turnkey PLC and HMI programming for a 10MW boiler at Summit Wool Spinners in Oamaru.

This incorporated:
  • Automation for a fully unattended boiler operation, incorporating an unmanned start-up and shut-down procedure.
  • Automated fault monitoring and logging, and controlled fault reaction to enable reliable operation of the boiler system.
  • Remote access support system
An enhanced control system now allows the client to have their factory available for production start-up when staff arrive on site. The control principles resulted in producing a very responsive package to meet the site's variations in steam demands. The system also includes various logging functions to allow the client to comply with resource consents.

"The success of this project was the implementation of the project engineer's brief into a workable package for the end user. Industrial Controls maintained a close relationship with us throughout the project, delivered an excellent package and provided full system support both on-site and via remote access."

Brendon Stevenson, Service Manager, Easteel Industries Ltd.